Todd A. Gurvis
Vice President of Investments

"Does your financial plan incorporate your personal values? Will it leave a legacy? Mine does. yours should too."


A native New Yorker, Todd was raised to believe that doing well and doing good are not separate ideas, but are, in fact, inseparable. This guides his professional actions and is evident in his strong dedication to community, charity, and family. As Vice President of Investments, Todd provides his clients with sound strategies for wealth accumulation and distribution, charitable planning, asset protection, and income generation. An alumnus of Binghamton University, Todd spent almost sixteen years in non-profit management, events planning, and fundraising before making the move to financial services in late 1994.

Todd's practice focuses on early retirement strategies for mid-level executives and business owners, generational wealth transference, special needs planning, philanthropy, and tailored planning for same-sex couples. His extensive background in fundraising and non-profit management provides him with a dynamic perspective on charitable planning, gift structuring, portfolio design, and financial strategies for charitable agencies, their donors and their employees. And as the father of a special needs child, Todd has developed an expertise in planning for the unique needs of the families of special needs children.
Todd advises and sits on the boards of several charities. A Rotarian for over twenty-five years, Todd is particularly passionate about his volunteer work with high school and college students as an Interact Advisor and RYLA Counselor. Amongst Todd's interests are music, theatre, cinema, literature, wine-tasting, and cooking. Most importantly, Todd is the proud father of three amazingly talented, charity-minded children.

 Todd's Client Relationships

Todd and his team support a wide variety of clients, but here are some of the groups he has built his practice around.


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