Financial Decisions  are our business

Let's face it. You can buy investments anywhere. You can find volumes of advice online. Why hire a Trilogy Financial advisor?

Since 1999, we have been helping financially-conscious Americans sort through the fog of investments, insurance and personal finance. With our thorough DecisionCoach process, we can help you get clarity on your highest priorities and then organize a decision plan to chart the path from here to there.


Thinking about Tomorrow?
Look forward in our DecisionCenter.

Retirement Readiness
Retirement Readiness

Too often this question gets answered without all the information considered.
Don't make these common mistakes.

Mid-Career Juggling
Mid-Career Juggling

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Don’t let your finances be the thing always on the bottom of your to-do list..

Transition Time

New beginnings are opportunities to
catch-up, reset priorities and organize
toward new financial goals.

Leaving a Legecy
Leaving a Legacy

Your financial story can continue long after your gone–if you’re organized. Avoid pitfalls by planning ahead..

Family and Marriage
Family and Marriage

Your financial story can continue long after your gone–if you’re organized. Avoid pitfalls by planning ahead.

Business Planning

Owning your own business can provide unique financial opportunities not available to the general public.


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Hiring a Trilogy DecisionCoach opens up the insight that thousands of others have discovered: The Trilogy Difference


Money is too personal to leave to the product-pushers and robots. Since Trilogy doesn't own financial products and clients are advised by real people, face-to-face, our only job is to hear you, understand your priorities and advise accordingly. This commitment comes from our founder, Jeff Motske, CFP®, who to-this-day actively advises clients with the same passion which he started with 25 years ago.


The goals you're trying to reach are complex and sometimes feel overwhelming. You need a partner who has the foundation of experience and resources to address your real priorities. Trilogy employs more than 150 advisors in 10 offices nationwide. Trilogy brings you the scale and experience of the big guys, with the heart of your neighborhood advisor.


Every financial decision you make connects to all the others in surprising and critical ways. We have the experience and the technology to help you visualize the cause and effect of your financial decisions. Using the best data available--all in one secured place--we can show you what your tomorrow might look like. Bringing it all together for you simply and accurately is our highest achievement.

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