Early Career

When you get your first full-time job, out of school, it can be very easy to become over-excited about your first big paycheck and thoughts of a better car and vacations probably start running through your head. While you probably need a car and want to take a vacation, there is no need to be extravagant right away. Your primary concern should be creating a budget, paying down debt and saving for your future so that you can afford some luxuries down the road.

The best way to create wealth for yourself is to save diligently and invest wisely. One of the easiest ways to do this with is if your company offers a 401k plan, participate in it. Just a small amount from each paycheck will lead to a large payoff when you reach retirement. And the sooner you get started, the greater the benefit. If you are starting your own business or work in an industry that does not offer a 401k plan, you should open an IRA which affords many of the same tax benefits.

We understand that there are many challenges to saving, especially when you need to pay off a student loan or a significant debt. You should pay off as much as you can toward your student loan before considering any unnecessary expenses. This will benefit you immensely in the future because you will save on the interest you would have paid to the bank over years of just paying the minimum amount due.

The benefits of sitting down with a financial advisor early in your career are enormous for getting on the right path for years to come. In many cases, people in their 20s and early 30s miss the opportunity to work with a qualified financial advisor simply out of lack of education or missed opportunity. In a world of online options and instantaneous information, it is easy to assume that the internet or other e-services are a suitable way to get a financial plan going. Unfortunately, for too many, this self-directed process can lead to a long series of missed opportunities that are difficult to make up for later in life.

For this reason (among others), Trilogy has always been a firm committed to a client-base that so much of the financial services industry has left behind. We believe that committing to our clients wherever their story takes them begins with starting the journey together, as often as we can. So, no matter how early in your career you are, let Trilogy open its doors to you.

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