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At Trilogy Financial, our goal is to improve the financial decision-making process of our clients. This requires us to manage the intersection between our clients’ intentions and their financial actions.

At the end of the day, this work is not about us, it’s not about Trilogy Financial. Our work, our mission and vision, is about our ability to support and empower the success of our clients.

Structured consistent communication to keep you on track to making better
financial decisions.

Our goal is to understand you and your financial priorities. From there, we'll see how we can help you make better financial decisions throughout your life.

Each one of us has a different starting point, priorities, and future. DecisionCenter provides a customized roadmap toward your ideal financial life.

Informed decisions are based on integrated, up-to-date factual information. DecisionCoach provides access to all your financial information through one simple interface.

Every financial planning prospect comes to us with two competing storylines:
1. The one they think they are living.
2. The one their money is actually living.
Both have grains of truth, and the job of our advisors is to align the two stories.
Your coach will provide accountability, education and most importantly, the organization that can help you make better financial decisions. 

With our DecisionCoach process, we can help you get clarity on your highest priorities and then organize an ongoing strategy to carve your path towards financial success. It’s never just about the investments. It’s about coaching our clients to make better decisions that will positively impact their financial futures.

DecisionCenter is designed for clients that have questions that can not be answered by a rule of thumb. Every aspect of your financial life is connected and accounted for. DecisionCenter helps us as advisors account for the fact that every financial decision affects multiple areas of a plan at the same time. DecisionCenter helps us account for the consequences of our client's decisions. These times require a DecisionCenter financial plan: a strategy document available digitally and in print where we can see how multiple factors (time, inflation, various investment options, big purchases, major job changes) all affect each other, and how the history of investment performance (using a Monte Carlo analysis*) show the viability of any one path through the maze of decisions.
*Monte Carlo simulation is a statistical projection in the use of probability financial analysis, of possible outcomes produced by combining pieces of key information in random order. In financial analysis, software-generated combinations of a range of economic variable, such as interest rates, tax rates, inflation rates, and various hypothetical investment portfolios and strategies, which can generate thousands of possible outcomes, called scenarios, in the attempt to predict the most probable results for those portfolios. As a result, it’s designed to account for the uncertainty and performance variation that’s always present in financial markets.


Trilogy Financial offers two service models. DecisionCoach is a subscription-based service that provides accountability, direction and empowers our clients to make better financial decisions. DecisionCenter is our premium Decision Planning services designed to analyze your current financial situation and assist you in identifying and implementing appropriate financial planning and investment management techniques to help you to pursue your specific financial objectives.

Client Services

Provide assistance to help you gain clarity on your highest financial priorities.

Organize your finances in a way that makes financial decision-making clear and easy.

Commit to a set of measurable goals and priorities which determine the clients’ definition of financial success.

Work together toward those goals with clear communication, expectations, and accountability to making better and better financial decisions over time.

Assessment of your overall financial position including cash flow, balance sheet, investment strategy, risk management and estate planning.

Creation of a unique plan for each goal you have including personal and business real estate, education, retirement or financial independence, charitable giving, estate planning, business succession and other personal goals.

Development of a goal-oriented investment plan around tax suggestions, asset allocation, expenses, risk and liquidity factors for each goal. This includes IRA and qualified plans, taxable and trust accounts that require special attention.

Design of a risk management plan including risk tolerance, risk avoidance,
mitigation and transfer, including liquidity as well as various insurance and
possible company benefits.

Crafting and implementation of, in conjunction with your estate and/or corporate attorneys as tax advisor, an estate plan to provide for you and/or your heirs in the event of an incapacity or death.

Generation of a benefits plan, risk management plan and succession plan for your business, if applicable.

*DecisionCenter requires an active DecisionCoach agreement.

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